Nikulin -- the painter of Blue Altai

By T. Stepanskay


The Narodny House
1908 here was held the first personal exhibition of Nikulin
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If there are places where souls can relate, a museum is one of them. Paintings of different epochs appear to be silent interlocutors interacting with a today's person in a subtle way.

They respond to an indifferent spectator with cold brilliance of varnish; whereas an enthusiastic but superficial look is touched by the attractive exterior. Only to the attentive and experienced eyes do they demonstrate the perfect composition and colors.

Canvases do not disclose the motive for creating the art work. Nikulins motive is clear -- it is in the love to life. To him the Sun, water, forest, stones personified happiness, the happiness given to men by a genius creator called nature. That's why there's no dullness in his landscapes, the plainest idea turns into celebration of existence. This is well depicted in the canvas "At The Creek".

Children playing with a dog, a stale hut, an old woman at needlework, everything would be ordinary and even miserable, if there were no bright green grass at the children's feet, no visualized tender warmth coming from old planks and logs. You find yourself enchanted by this sunny day that once enchanted the painter. You can see a mirror: the rotten, deformed roof of the hut turns into a dance of the delicate shades of violet, pink, blue and all of them blend into a complex gray color. Before seeing this picture you thought gray to be inexpressive and faceless.

Translated by Ilia Icorevich Klyuk


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