Alexander O. Nikulin (1878-1945)
Nikulin (right with another Altaic painter G. Gurkin)

A. O. Nikulin was born in the village of Kamyshi, Kurganskiy district Tobolskaya province in a large peasant family. His desire to draw revealed itself early. Longing to get skills in painting at the age of 12 he became a student of an icon-painter in the town of Kurgan. But soon the Nikulins moved to Barnaul. The would-be painter entered the Barnaul Mining College which had pretty professional study programs and qualified teaching stuff.

Yet being a student of the mining college, Nikulin worked as a sets designer for the productions of the Barnaul Peoples House. His gift attracted attention of local intellectual elite. Having been sponsored by Barnaul "society for support of the elementary education" in 1898 Andrei Nikulin went to Petersburg to enter Baron Schlitz College of technical drawing from which he graduated with honors in 1903. He continued the art education during the trip to Italy and France. Since 1906 the painter had taught drawing in Bogolyubovskoe Art College of Saratov.

In the far 1908 there opened the first Barnaul Exhibition of Arts. The Siberian press accepted it well and with enthusiasm. It was the first personal exhibition of Andrei Osipovich Nikulin (1878--1945).

From 1917 to 1923 he lived and worked in Barnaul. From 1924 on Andrei Nikulin lived in Moscow and worked for the factory "Sovkino", later renamed into "Mosfilm".

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Nikulin -- the painter of Blue Altai -- an artical by T. Stepanskay, head of Departement of Art of Altai State University

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The Arcan Waterfall

The Arcan Waterfall, 1910th
Alexander O. Nikulin

The Mt. Altai in Blue

The Mt. Altai in Blue, 1910th
Alexander O. Nikulin

The Ancient Barnaul

The Ancient Barnaul, 1900th
Alexander O. Nikulin

More paintings

The Katun' river near her source, 1910th.
In Cedr's Forest, 1910th.
The Cedr's Forest, 1910th.
The Early Spring, after 1907.
The Kumir River., 1910th.
The Charysh River, 1910ht.
Saratov. The Autumn, after 1907.
Chemal (a great village in Mt. Altai), 1910th.
The Theatre Sketch on Ancient Rus', 1910th.

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